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8 Problems People Suffer With in Silence

Hi! Biljana here! 

What I’m about to share with you will change your life. 

Do any of these problems sound familiar? 

❌ Overwhelm – I will never get there

❌ Anxious – So many things to think about!

❌ You are at a loss to know if you’re doing it right 

❌ Lonely – You are facing the resistance from your loved ones

❌ Bloating and water retention leaves you full of gas and sluggish

❌ Inadequate – Am I doing this right?

❌ Unsupported – No one’s there to listen to your challenges or acknowledge your hard work 

❌ You get stuck in a rut occasionally

Ring a bell? 

At the same time: 

⏰ Your body is crying out for help.

⏰ You are determined to work on your health.  

⏰ You need to change!  

⏰ You know you can do better if you just found your people.

⏰ You would get there faster if only you had more support.

⏰ You could do with a bit more structure 

⏰ Need answers but don’t always have time to search for them

Set the intention and take control of

your nutrition and self-care today!

‘If you are looking to improve your health through diet, you absolutely must work with Biljana.’

Hilary Torn

Get access to

the unique solutions that will lead to

a healthier lifestyle

Cancel anytime. – No questions asked.

Healthy, plant-based nutrition

  • Use food to nourish your mind, not just your body
  • Break the yo-yo dieting cycle
  • Stop counting calories
  • Stop depriving yourself
  • Enjoy delicious meals

Self-care starts on the inside

  • Create sustainable habits
  • Create healthy routines
  • Learn to manage stress creatively
  • Sleep properly – at last
  • Practice mindful eating
  • Take the emotion out of eating

Kitchen and cooking skills

  • Cook your favourite meals in a healthy way
  • Oil-free cooking
  • Organise your pantry to serve you
  • Save time grocery shopping
  • Save time in food preparation

✔️ Monthly live workshop on nutrition

✔️ Monthly live workshop on self-care

✔️ Monthly cooking demo

✔️ Expert guest speakers

✔️ Monthly meal plan

✔️ Monthly Q&A

✔️ Free challenges

“In my food world, there’s no fear or guilt,

only joy and balance.”

Ellie Krieger

‘It’s such a relief to have my daughter free from pain and armed with the knowledge for the correct nutrition for her body. Thank you!’

Becky Ashmead

‘Thank you, Biljana, for changing my life and making the transition to plant-based food so easy and so much fun!’

Ivana O’Mahony

Is this membership only about nutrition?
Although nutrition is a crucial element of living healthy, this membership is also about meaningful self-care as another key element needed for happier and balanced lifestyle. In addition you will be able to learn how to cook plant-based food and organise your kitchen to serve you better.
How will the workshops and material be delivered?
Every month there will be four live workshops each focused on one of four topics: plant-based nutrition, self-care, cooking demo and guest expert / interview. The workshops will be recorded and recordings will be available to you as long as you are a member.
What are the payment options?
You can make monthly or annual payments. If you chose annual payment, you will receive 3 amazing bonuses!
How can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership any time either by yourself or by sending me an email to No questions asked.