5-Day Energy Boost Challenge


Welcome to 5-day energy boost plant-based challenge!

Starting September 26!

This plant-based lifestyle challenge may have positive impact on one or more of your goals.

Higher energy

Do you find yourself craving a snack mid morning, so you go pick a chocolate bar or a bag of salty crisps to give you the ernst until lunch?

Or you have energy slump mid afternoon where you’re longing for a power nap, so you could carry on with your day?

Better sleep

You wake up tired even when you miss your favourite show and go to bed early?

Gut health

You take Gaviscon as a dessert because heartburn is killing you after every meal?

Motivation for a lifestyle transformation.

What do I get?

  1. You will be part of a community specially created for this challenge, where you can interact with other participants and share your daily meal creations.
  2. Five Live trainings about the benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle has on weight loss, sleep management, gut health, cholesterol, hormones.
  3. Daily Ask Me Anything opportunity for any questions you have from cooking instructions to how to organise your pantry.
  4. Daily Worksheets to keep you accountable during the challenge + List of 60 plants to chose from and inspire you to try new foods.
  5. Possibility to continue to work on your lifestyle transformation after the challenge is over.
  6. Tons of fun!

All this for FREE!

Get ready to start Monday, September 26!